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New guide-book for Pirin Mountain
новина от Новини
дата: 2009-08-10 19:29:03
показвания: 15584

After several years of hard work and research, in December 2008 a new guide-book for Pirin Mountain (in Bulgaria) came out into the public. The author of this guide is Nikolay Dautov - member of TEPD "Oreliak" (TEPD is abreviation in Bulgarian that stands for "Tourist, Ecological and Nature Protecting Organization").

Indeed, as seen from the book's cover, the book is not only a guide, but also a road-book and a dictionary. In the beginning the idea of its creator was to be only a dictionary of landscape names, in order to put things right and make it clear amongst all existing names of peaks, mountains, valleys, or just local regions, most of which were duplicates - one of them survived from old ages, others - being renamed by the government for one or other reason, and even such names - given by the tourists themselves or native people living in the region nowadays. Later, as work progressed on, the author decided to combine its research and investigation on names with a real guide, because a newer guide-book for Pirin Mountain or the surrounding mountain region has not been published since 1988 (which is over 20 years).

In short, what the two parts of the book are:

1. Dictionary
That part gives a detailed geographical information about peaks, rivers, lakes, regions and places, combined with an in-depth description of the meaning or origin of its name. There is a short information in the beginning of this part, regarding the toponymy of the Pirin Mountain. You'll get the idea of why and how the landscape names changed throughout the ages as well as additional historical overview of the people that have lived in this mountain region and nearby regions. The landscape sites and geographical places are presented and listed in an alphabetical order. First, for every geographical site presented in the book, there's a brief geographical information, regarding its location, and a few facts that you may find quite curious. Next, you'll find information regarding the origin of the name of that geographical place or site. This includes ethymology of the words, interpretation and explanation of the toponymy of that name - events, legends, traditions, stories of old, etc. connected to the everyday life and living of the natives, who have inhabited Pirin Mountain. There is also a comparison to other writers and citations from their known litarature about Pirin Mountain.

2. Road-Guide
This part includes the primary and most popular walking-tours in the mountain. All marked routes grouped in 40 routes are included in both directions. Lead factor in their definition and specification is the color of the route mark. This part contains detailed descriptions of the walking routes and also their starting and ending points.
Every route has in depth information regarding its altitude that has to be climbed illustrated with an outline (profile) of the route itself. Everyone having that information can easily get the idea of the difficulty level of every route. All the routes are split into sub-routes (segments) that could be combined together in a custom made route plan, that any tourist could create for himself.

That's not a separate part of the book. Here you'll find useful addresses of Internet sites, information regarding the chalets and rest-houses along with the distance between them (and also with the routes by which you may reach them), statistical information about the Pirin Mountain, as well as 16 maps. 12 of the maps are in full color and cover the whole mountain. The other 4 maps are subject to chalets and rest-houses, circuses, cols and lake groups.

For more information about this book (or purchasing it) please contact the author and the organization: oreliak@gbg.bg

дата: 2009-08-10 19:29:03

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